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Job Description



Part of the growing network of Collaboration Schools


To provide strategic leadership across the full range of activities within the school, working collaboratively with the SMT, educators, SGB and Common Good – the School Operating Partner (SOP) – to ensure the highest possible level of teaching and learning within the school;

To drive and improve the standards of teaching and learning across the school, utilising effective coaching, mentoring and training techniques to ensure consistently good to outstanding teachers;

To continue to embed a culture of high expectations.

The School Governing Body seeks a Principal for Silikamva High School.
Are you…


    • Passionate about seeing ALL learners – especially those in a no fee school achieve excellent academic outcomes?
    • Excellent at building high performing teams that can tackle big challenges?
    • Committed to rigorously developing and holding people to account for work they are responsible for delivering?
    • Pursuing excellence and setting high standards for yourself, your team and learners in your current context?
    • A leader who thrives in driving change – and driving school improvement relentlessly – never settling for the status quo?
    • A pioneer, willing to break new ground and birth a new model of school in the Western Cape?
    • Humble – and hungry for personal growth and development that would enable you to realise your leadership potential?
    • Committed to improving school results?
  • Resilient and courageous – able to manage complex problems in tough circumstances?

The benefits of working as a School Leader in a Collaboration School:


Common Good, as a School Operating Partner, has high expectations of every Leader, Teacher and Learner in our schools. Our schools often start with huge disadvantages, so we need to work extra hard to ensure they realise their goals. The success we’re striving for isn’t won easily but it will change the life of every child. 

Working at a Common Good Collaboration School, you will have the chance to make a difference. Our model for driving school improvement has already proved successful in driving change. We want you to join us as we continue to work toward changing education in South Africa, in the places where it is needed most.


To spark innovation and enable solutions for complex problems, Collaboration Schools have increased flexibility to change elements of the educational model to drive school improvement. You will have the opportunity and resources to enable you to think differently and drive improvement through innovation, with the support of a School Operating Partner.


In the Collaboration Schools model you will work with mentors, coaches and leaders who share your goals and ambitions, who will go the extra mile to see your school succeed, and want you to be the best you can in your profession. We provide a wide range of exceptional and carefully planned professional development opportunities for our school leaders and coaching for your teaching staff. You will also enjoy practical support in areas of finance, HR and operations.

The successful candidate will be an inspirational leader who demonstrates the following competencies and abilities:



Has high expectations of all learners with actions and words that demonstrate this and a belief in their potential to succeed in life. Makes decisions with learners’ best interests in mind, fostering strong relationships with learners and parents, treating them with respect and encouraging all school staff to do the same.


Demonstrates high expectations in all settings by setting goals that challenge educators, self and learners to excel. Takes initiative, consistently going above and beyond typical expectations to achieve results.  Follows through on commitments and promises. Demonstrates tenacity for extended periods, persevering through significant challenges to reach short-term goals. Demonstrates flexibility when plans or situations change unexpectedly and focuses on achieving results.


Uses data from a wide range of credible sources to accurately assess areas for improvement in procedures, policies and teaching methods. Continuously seeks opportunities for personal and school improvement. Willingly accepts assistance when offered. Values and actively encourages creative and innovative ideas.

Critical Thinking Skills

Has the ability to gather information from multiple relevant sources and stakeholders, sorting out complexity, anticipating problems promptly, breaking down info and problems into parts, analysing and weighing options to solve complex problems.

Decision-Making Ability

Able to follow a logical decision-making process, consider intended and unintended consequences of potential decisions, make timely decisions using intuition as well as data in the face of ambiguity. Communicates these decisions by effectively explaining rationale and process for making decisions to all stakeholders. Knows when tough choices need to be made and willingly makes and stands by controversial decisions that benefit the school. 

Planning and Execution skills

Able to backward plan methodically to achieve short- and long-term goals for programs, initiatives, and policies that affect staff and learners. Manages time and resources effectively by prioritising efforts according to school improvement plan goals. Establishes clear and realistic milestones to achieve outcomes. Regularly compares actual progress to planned milestones and adjust plans accordingly. Holds self, educators, and learners accountable for achieving milestones and outcomes.

Stakeholder Management

Ability to network and seek opportunities to work with a wide range of stakeholders, developing mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships based upon trust, respect and achievement of common goals and better outcomes.  Consistently demonstrates respect and appreciation for others by empathising with their concerns and valuing their time and contributions. 

Communication Skills

Listens attentively. Seeks to understand the point of view of all involved. Appropriately uses communication systems to regularly communicate with key stakeholders. Ability to write clearly, concisely and persuasively, using correct grammar, vocabulary and a tone that is appropriate to the message and audience. Ability to speak in a clear and articulate manner, adapting communication content and style to different audiences and venues.

Impact and Influence

Ability to adapt personal leadership style given the situation and the individuals involved.  Appeals to reason and/or emotions of educators, learners, parents, and the leadership team, by presenting relevant data and/or concrete examples to make a compelling case for a position.  Anticipates reactions and address concerns of all involved to help persuade them to move toward a goal or support an idea. Motivates stakeholders to action by expressing enthusiasm, optimism, and passion for ideas and initiatives.


Understands and effectively balances own strengths and weaknesses, actively seeking constructive feedback and other opportunities for self-development. Integrates this feedback by changing behaviour accordingly. 

Cultural Competence

Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the diverse cultures of the community served by the school and ability to communicate with and work effectively with those from diverse backgrounds. Reinforces and promotes an inclusive environment in which people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives can succeed.

Direction Setting

Effectively able to articulate the alignment between the school’s goals and its long term mission, vision, and values. Ability to inspire others, model school values and strong personal character at all times and build a positive school culture through developing programs, rituals, and visual artefacts that represent the school values. Ability to anticipate and seize new opportunities that are aligned with strategic goals.

Team Leadership

Ability to clarify roles, accountabilities and decision-making among staff. Delegates tasks to appropriate individuals or teams. Promotes collaboration among educators and support staff. Encourages staff to take initiative by making yourself available to assist in brainstorming and problem solving. Models appropriate responses to conflict; encouraging others to manage conflict openly and productively.  Effectively leads team meetings, including clear agendas, appropriate time management and ensuring that all voices are heard, notes are taken and next steps identified. Prioritises staff morale and productivity, celebrating team accomplishments. 

Performance Management

Works collaboratively with SOP and school staff to establish individual performance and development goals that are clear, realistic, measurable and achievable. Consistently coaches staff towards goals, recognising accomplishments and providing timely, relevant, and constructive feedback. Holds staff accountable for achieving their goals. Provides constructive evaluations of staff performance regularly, identifying learning needs through the QMS framework. 

Talent Development

Ability to recruit and contribute meaningfully to the selection of a highly effective staff team. Creates development opportunities for educators and support staff to be more effective in their roles and progress toward career goals. Contributes to the retention of talented and valued employees by listening to their needs and working to find ways to meet those needs. Participates equitably in formal proceedings to manage poor performing staff that do not meet expectations.  

Instructional Leadership

Ability to consistently reinforce the academic and character vision and goals through actions and words. Monitor deputy principal, HODs and educators in the development and alignment of CAPS aligned curriculum. Supports systems established by the SOP to improve instruction, including regular observation and coaching- modelling for teaching staff how to improve their skills. Identify educators who need to improve their instructional techniques and help them address these needs. Support the administration of multiple forms of assessments school-wide, to measure and improve teaching and learning. Support the educators by helping them effectively use learner and staff performance data to drive improved teaching and learning. Actively participate in implementing and improving upon systems that reinforce positive character, behaviour and organizational values for learners.

The successful candidate must have:

  • A recognised 3- or 4-year qualification 
  • At least 5 years’ actual teaching experience
  • Certification through the South African Council of Educators (SACE)
  • Police clearance certificate


  • Past experience as a Principal or Deputy
  • English- and Xhosa-speaking
  • Experience as an Instructional leadership with a track record of academic improvement
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a proven track record of performance managing a team and/or staff
  • Knowledge of relevant educational policies
  • In-depth knowledge of Grades 8 to 12 curricula 


To apply, please send the documentation below to silikamvahighschool@gmail.com.  Failure to submit all documentation will mean that your application is not considered.

  • motivational cover letter
  • your CV
  • two recent work references 
  • SACE certificate
  • certified copies of qualifications
  • certified copy of identity document

Applications close on 30 June 2021.

Contract & Benefits

This is a full-time contract with the School Governing Body of Silikamva High School.  The SGB offers a competitive salary and benefits package to the successful candidate.

NOTE: An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview or appointment. Applicants who fail to meet the minimum requirements will be automatically disqualified from consideration. Applicants who do not receive a reply within one month of submission should deem their application to have been unsuccessful. We reserve the right not to fill the position.